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Visit our window and door showroom today!

What to expect.
Our showroom is small with a lot of heart.
We take pride in our range of Vantage, Elevate and ThermalHEART windows and doors.

When you walk in the door, you will get a hands on experience.

Compare the different styles and ranges
We have a variety of styles and ranges to suit everyone. From a basic residential range to a selection of high end premium options. Our products suit architecturally designed homes and multi-residential projects such as retirement villages. As well as commercial projects like schools. We have a little luxury for everyone.

Test and experiment window and door options
Not all windows and doors operate the same way, so this is a great opportunity to test them out. Come in and experiment. Find out which windows and doors will best suit the design of your home. Or if it’s a commercial project like a retirement village or units, send your clients in to test and select.

Understanding the power of selection
Did you know windows account for a lot of heat gain and heat loss during summer and winter? Think about it, you’re insulating your wall, floors and roof right? So why wouldn’t you insulate your windows too? Besides insulation and energy efficiecy, windows are also a source of noise transfer. Meaning noise travels through your windows and doors easily too. If noise is an issue in your area then ask us about your options to improve this too. If you want a comfortable home to live in then we’ve got you covered.

We’ll take you step by step through your options and what is ideal for you. Based on your home design, demographics and budget.

We also have an extensive range of colour and hardware options, suitable for all styles.

Make an appointment or simply drop into our window and door showroom when it suits you.

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Visit: Unit 3/2 Arunga Drive, Beresfield (entry on Enterprise Drive)

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