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Awning And Casement Windows

Our residential custom aluminium awning and casement windows are a great choice.

Awning windows hinge at the top, opening out from the bottom of the window with a winder. Whilst casement windows hinge on one side, swinging open and out from the other. Similar to a hinged door.

Awning windows provide excellent protection from the elements.
You can leave them open during rain showers, whilst fresh air circulates. Safe in the knowledge your furniture, carpet or wooden floors won’t get wet and damaged.

Based on their structure awning and casement windows are airtight when closed. This means you won’t have any drafts coming in during winter. And it will reduce any noise coming in or out of your home too.

If you want extra comfort and energy efficiency we recommend choosing double glazing.

For the ultimate operation, electric winders and rain sensors are available too.

Bifold Windows

Aluminium bifold windows are a popular window for many architecturally designed homes. If you love entertaining, bifold windows make the perfect servery.

Imagine your in your kitchen, your guests are outside. All you need to do is open your bifold window and present your delicious platters of food.

Our bifolds also make a great option in commercial bars and cafes. It helps you create a connection between the inside and outside world. People walking past get a glimpse into what they are missing out on. Whilst people inside get to watch the world go by.

Our bifold windows offer long-term reliable operation with a durable bottom-mounted roller system. Peace of mind you can’t surpass.

Commercial Framing And Fixed Windows

Our range of commercial windows suit both high end residential and commercial projects.

Commercial windows have a more solid appearance than a typical residential range. They are robust and durable with better performance options available.

For typical commercial projects we offer FrontGLAZE, CentreGLAZE and FrontLINE. These products are from the Elevate range. They are available in 80mm, 102mm and 150mm platforms.
They can be single glazed or double glazed. The versatility of these products allow you to mix and match to suit your needs.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have an upper panel and a lower panel.
The upper panel can slide down, whilst the lower panel can slide up. Providing great air flow into and out of your home.

We have three double hung window options. Standard residential, Magnum™ and ClearVENT™.

The Magnum double hung windows have the added flexibility of hinging inwards. With the flick of a latch, you can fold down the panels. Making them super easy to clean.

The ClearVENT double hung windows are sashless. This means there is less aluminium, allowing for uninterupted views.

Double hung windows are great in any room. They are durable, easy to use and shut tight. Providing great security, wind and water performance.


Our aluminium louvres include horizontal glass slats or louvre blades . The blades tilt to let fresh air and light in but keep rain out. You simply control air flow by changing the angle of the louvre blades.

Louvre windows are popular in coastal areas where sea breezes are in abundance.

They also make great options in hard to reach areas that need ventilation. Think stairwells and lofted ceilings. To make opening them easy we have extension winders and electric systems too.

For an alternative our louvre windows also accept wooden and aluminium blades. This provides the ultimate in control when designing your home.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are the standard in most homes. They do exactly what they say. They slide to the left or the right and usually have a fixed panel that they sit in front of.

Our custom aluminium windows are versatile, easy to operate and cover wide distances. Providing excellent airflow and light.

Also compatible with external flyscreens and security screens.

Check out our projects for inspiration.

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